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The Secret Of Miles City: How A Friend Request Shattered A Small Town’s Innocence

A high school athletic trainer claimed his unorthodox treatments would change players’ lives. Dozens of victims say school officials, including one who’s now a state lawmaker, kept “Doc’s” secrets.

Days after we published the story, the US Attorney for Montana indicted the man at the center of the case.

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Women Say A School For Troubled Teens Punished Girls For Being Gay

Former students and employees of the River View Christian Academy told BuzzFeed News that girls were disciplined if they even discussed the idea of being gay. "I didn't come out as queer for 10 years because of it."

Upon reading this story, Sen. Kamala Harris called for a national ban on conversion therapy citing this “horrifying report.”

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The Comics Giant Behind Wonder Woman Is Accused Of Promoting An Editor After Women Accused Him Of Sexual Harassment

At least two female employees at the publishing giant DC Comics accused a top editor of trying to forcibly kiss or grope them. He was promoted anyway. Two years later, he was accused of doing it again.

Our story resulted in the editor’s firing, a follow up feature story ran shortly after.


A Man Sent 1,000 Men Expecting Sex And Drugs To His Ex-Boyfriend Using Grindr

“It was like an episode of Black Mirror,” said Matthew Herrick, whose high-profile lawsuit alleges that Grindr looked the other way while his ex-boyfriend tormented him.


As More College Students Say “Me Too,” Accused Men Are Suing For Defamation

More people are sharing their “Me Too” stories, but a backlash has been brewing at colleges across the country, with accused students filing defamation suits against women who say they were assaulted.


Universities Are Facing A “Passing The Trash” Scandal People Are Comparing To The Catholic Church

Erik Shapiro was accused of making unwanted sexual advances on a student, but when he went to a new university, the allegations were kept under wraps, exposing a major problem with how sexual harassment accusations get addressed in higher education.


I’m A Man, And I’ve Spent My Life Ashamed Of My Body

It shouldn’t be extraordinary for men to talk about having body image issues.


What It Looks Like When A University Truly Fixes How It Handles Sexual Assault

Oregon State University may be doing better than any other school in the country on this issue — and that’s according to the woman who says it mishandled her report of being gang-raped.


How Rolling Stone’s UVA Story Sparked A Controversial Frat Lobbying Effort

Internal documents reveal the inside story of the fraternity lobbying effort.